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Strong Haulers is proud to be part of the Clinton Global Initiative University ecosystem of social entrepreneurs

Making Symptoms Predictable

Using data to help make chronic health symptoms more predictable

Strong Haulers is a web and mobile platform that empowers people living with chronic health conditions like Long COVID and Post-Concussion Syndrome to track and predict symptoms.

At Strong Haulers, our mission is to make symptoms more predictable, because when symptoms are predictable, life becomes more manageable. We are people living with chronic conditions and use our lived experience to inform our approach.

Our technology will allow users to:


the habits that trigger and worsen symptom flares


the interventions that help reduce symptom flares


with wearables to compare symptoms with biometric data


the patterns between symptoms and other important variables

What People Are Saying


Working with Strong Haulers to track my symptoms has been helpful with managing my chronic illness. Having data about my symptoms helps me manage my daily activity more efficiently. I share my symptom tracking data with my medical team to help evaluate the effectiveness of current treatment plans or help develop new treatment plans. While having a chronic illness is very frustrating, using Strong Haulers to track my symptoms makes me feel like I am making some progress, no matter how small, every day.


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Join our 'Founding 100'!

We're creating one of the first symptom trackers that integrates with wearable devices to offer predictive insights for people living with Long COVID and other chronic conditions.


Our founders’ experiences with Post Concussion Syndrome and Long COVID during graduate school inspired them to find a more effective way to use personal health data to manage symptoms and help others take ownership of their health.

Now, we’re looking for our first 100 users to pilot our service and inform the development of our unique symptom tracker.

Are you in?

Meet Our Founders


Ibrahim Rashid
Founder & CFO

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Ibrahim is a COVID Long Hauler who works as an ESG and Impact Investing consultant. He holds a Master's of Public Policy from the University of Chicago


Rahim Rasool
Co-Founder & CTO

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Rahim is a data scientist with experience as a utility startup founder. He holds a Master's of Computational Analysis & Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

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Spencer Gudewill
Co-Founder & CEO

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Spencer has post concussion syndrome and a background in healthtech and corporate development. He holds a Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

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